Earning your loyalty is incredibly important to us at Benro

Our goal is to exceed your expectations and show you how valuable you are to us.

As a member of our SuperUser Group, you will receive:


Extended Warranty

We're extending your warranty two more years to 7 years. Please remember to register your product:

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24hr Service Program

We will repair your gear and ship it out overnight the day we receive it. Guaranteed. If the repair takes longer, we will provide a loaner replacement with the same overnight shipping and a free return label.

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Exclusive Offers

Every month, we'll send you the Benro Video SuperUser eNewsletter filled with product news and information, case studies from other Super Users, as well as ongoing special discounts worth hundreds of dollars!

Additional Benefits

Advance notice of new products

If you're like us, you're always on the lookout for news of the latest gear on the horizon. As part of BSUG, we'll be sharing early product announcements with some special offers and inviting you to offer your opinions on upcoming projects.

Special SuperUser Support

A dedicated Contact eMail for any questions you may have or recommendations you may need.


SuperUser Feedback

Listening to our community is critically important to us and we want you to be heard and rewarded for sharing your points of view.

Quarterly Giveaways

We love to see all the varied projects our community members are involved in. Share chosen topics on our social channels for monthly giveaways

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