February's Videos

Saramonic CaMixer

Professional unboxing and audio testing for the Saramonic CaMixer. It includes a detail introduction of the CaMixer and several testing with a SONY a6300. The CaMixer is a stereo condenser microphone kit which offers 48V phanton power.

Saramonic SR-M3

"The SR-M3 is a $60 on-camera microphone by Saramonic. I test it out and compare it to the on-camera mic that's currently dominating the low-budget market, the Rode Videomicro." - ZY Productions

December's Videos

We all love story, which is a big part of filmmaking. What actually makes up a good story? Watch as we look at the main ingredients of a well-told story and how each part impacts your film and audience.

November's Videos

Get ready for high-precision stabilization| with the Red Dog R1 Professional Stabilizer.
Balancing your R1 is the most crucial part to getting a great end result. In this video, we will guide you through the steps to get your gimbal balanced and ready to shoot with.
In this short video we'll walk you through the Benro Red Dog mobile application, calibrating your Gimbal, adjusting parameter settings, and show you how it can help you create dynamic imagery using your Red Dog stabilizer.
The Benro RedDog R1 Gimbal has three different shooting modes. By pressing down on the Mode/On side button function, you can select different modes.

October's Videos

The Benro KH25N and KH26NL Tripod Kits are ideal for compact digital video cameras, HDSLRs and still cameras with long lenses weighing up to 11 lbs. Featuring an improved leg locking system, fluid pan, and fluid tilt heads, these tripods allow for smooth camera movements to capture that perfect shot.

September's Videos

On this edition of Tips & Tricks, we will demonstrate how to pull off some very unique slider shots. These creative movements can help you tell a story, and enhance your production value.

Are you ready to shoot? The Benro S8 Video Tripod Kit was made for the filmmaker who's excited to go out into the world and make something new. Let's go!

August's Videos

Benro Video Aero Tripods

A few ways to get creative with your tripod for some cinematic results.

Benro Video Aero Tripods

Take to the skies with Benro's Aero travel tripod kits for video. The world's first travel video tripod kit, the Aero has reverse folding legs making it small enough to fit inside of a backpack, rolling case or carry on.


Benro Video Aero Tripods

The Benro Aero 7 is a travel Video tripod with a reverse folding design, leveling center column, a removable flat base head, and ability to convert one of the legs into a Monopod. What are you waiting for, Let's Go!


Introducing the VmicLink5, the first wireless microphone system that operates on the 5.8GHz SHF (Super High Frequency) wave length - a frequency uneffected by UHF and VHF transmissions. --The VmicLink5 3-to-1 allows up to three transmitters to be connected to a single reciever.

July's Videos

Director, Cameraman and Crash Test Dummy, Jody Eldred tests out Benro's Heavier Capacity Tripods and gives us his professional review.

The Benro BV8 and BV10 Single Tube Tripod Kits set a new standard for the on-the-go professional filmmaker, combining advanced features in a compact, extremely portable design. They have all the durability and precision you need, with the versatility and portability you've always wanted.

A basic walkthrough of the Stella Action Kit